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Your Investment Covers:

  • Paperback and eBook cover design
  • oeBook formatting and conversion
  • Digital platform distribution (Amazon and Barnes & Noble)
  • Copyright, ISBN, LCCN, and barcode
  • Project Management
  • Podcast Interviews (2)
  • Planning and promotion of book launch and e-book launch events

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Become a Co-Author An Upcoming Anthologies

Upcoming Anthology Women Be Free photo of the book cover

Women, Be Free

(Free To Live, Free To Laugh and Free To Level Up)

An Anthology 

Can a woman who has been deeply hurt by life be free to live, free to laugh and free to level up against life circumstances. Will she ever be able to trust and love God again? Will she ever be able to rise again. With the constant demands and pressures of daily life, it can be hard but these women share their Powerful stories of overcoming against all odds.

Empowered to Win, 
Volume 4

In Empowered to Win: Stories from Women Who Have Used Their Trials and Tribulations to Make a Difference, Minister Allison Daniels and several other women have shared stories of their struggles, and how through faith they pushed on to ultimately win. Along with their testimony, they have included advice and exercises that you can use to start or continue your journey of wholeness, so that you too can feel empowered to win against all odds.

Allison G. Daniels - Picture of the Unshakable Faith Anthology

Unhshakable Faith, 
Volume 2

In Unshakable Faith: These stories are from women who are indeed, pearls of great price, who have encountered trials and tribulations that challenged their faith, but, you will see that their faith was indeed, “Unshakable”. Minister Allison G. Daniels and several other women have shared stories from the heart as to how they had to redirect their emotions, redefine who God said they were, and their journey of being renewed, thus, allowing God to make a victorious difference in their lives, all to His glory.

Upcoming Anthology A Mother's Journey photo of the book cover

A Single Mother's Journey

Committed to Love, Courageous to Stand and Confident Enough to go on!

Real-life stories of struggle and triumph, and how the Lord encouraged her with His Word through each of her circumstances to press on. How she stands firm on the power of the 3 C’s. She is committed to love, courageous to stand and confident enough to go on. 


Upcoming Anthology Men Empowered to Win photo of the book cover

Men Empowered to Win

Powerful stories from ordinary men who have embraced their Purpose, Power and Promises to Win! This anthology is about God-fearing men sharing their compelling stories from a vulnerable and transparent place. Yet a place of strength, revealing sacrifices that were made and heartfelt emotions that Empowered Men to Win.


Upcoming Anthology 90 Day Affirmation photo of the book cover

90 Day Affirmation

This 90 Day Affirmation is designed to assist you by putting your goals at the top of your mind in a consistent way, practice on increasing your motivation by reading the scriptures and writing down your daily goals.

This powerful book will help you:

  • Find inner peace in a world of chaos.
  • Find spiritual growth and healing
  • Build confidence in the Lord
  • Love yourself, Self-care First
  • Improve self-esteem

Leaders Empowered To Win

In this much needed book, Powerhouse (Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker) Allison G. Daniels, along with other powerful leaders in the industry, are sharing their journey from management to leadership.
At the heart of this book, we are going to focus on the 3 Ls: Leaders, Leverage and Un-Limited possibilities toward change. We will also examine the keys that make for an effective leader through our eyes.

She's About Book Business

This is a book collaboration, composed of publishers, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, and visionary authors who will be sharing powerful tips, tools, and techniques to help you Write, Share and Publish your bestselling book.
If you want to learn what goes into crafting a bestselling book, how to build your author platform, and prepare for your publishing and authorship journey — well, this book is for you.


If you have an enthusiastic and robust interest in authoring and publishing your book, let’s do it – let’s get started now!
Whether you want to write a non-fiction book, e-book, a devotional, poetry, workbook, journal, etc., there has never been a better time than now, like the present.
I am incredibly pleased to share with you that I wrote two of my own bestselling books within a 90-day timeframe. I will share a 10-point proven strategy which will assist you in writing and publishing a non-fiction bestselling book, which will be substantial, along with supportive evidence, to help grow your business.

Allison G. Daniels

Visionary | Author | Speaker

#1 International Best Selling Author, Publisher and Visionary Author Allison, CEO of AGD Publishing Services!

Allison G. Daniels Is the Visionary behind Unshakable Faith Book Anthology. She is International Best-selling Author and award-winning publisher who serves professional speakers and experts to magnify and monetize their story by publishing quality books. With over fifteen years of experience in the book business, she helps aspiring authors navigate through self-publishing to leverage their expertise and make an impact on the global area..Learn more

Photo of Allison G. Daniels, Founder of AGD Publishing Services

The world is waiting for your story!

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