Before You Publish Your Book

We have a guide called "Before You Publish Your Book" that gives you our requirements for working with AGD Publishing. We ask that you download this guide prior to contacting us, so you’ll know in advance what to expect in each phase of your experience with us.

AGD Publishing

Publish. Print. Prosper.

Welcome to AGD Publishing were we offer a wide range of publishing services including professional custom interior layout, professional cover design, one-on-one author support, formatting, editing and ghostwriting. Provide us your manuscript and we will move forward with your vision to Turn Writers into Authors.

Our 5 Step Program

Whether you’re in the early stages and deciding on what to write about or completely done with your book and need publishing services, you owe it to yourself to gain a thorough understanding of your strengths and challenges. Our 5-step program will provide the tools and insight necessary to make the best decision possible and get your book published.


If you are just getting started:


What you get:

We provide you with a 30 minute phone consultation and offer questions to consider when starting your book. We will also offer you discussion of your book idea and supporting documents. We also give you the tools toward your next steps of becoming an author.

Investment: $50

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What you get:

This step is for the person who wants to begin the basics of writing your book or anthology. You will learn how to write your first chapter, create your book title/subtitle, and organize your book content.

Investment: $150

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If you are ready to write your first chapter


A 30-Day
Writing Program


If you've completed Chapter 1 and ready
for the next steps.

Ongoing Coaching Program

What you get:

In this step, we tackle the meat of your book. In this ongoing process, you get the blueprint/Strategies for achieving your goals. We become your accountability partner through your book process. We discuss our career goals, work life balance, finding your purpose and staying focus and motivated. We coach you from Chapter 1 to Chapter 10.

*4 week minimum

Investment: $200

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What you get:

Whether you wish to produce an e-Book or a paperback, our Publishing Package includes all the basic tools you need to get you started on your publishing journey, such as cover and interior customization, image insertions, online distribution, and a lot more.


  • Digital Formatting and Distribution (E-Book)
  • Paperback Publishing
  • Cover & Interior Customization
  • Electronic Proofs of Your Book
  • Interior Revisions
  • One-On-One Author Support
  • AGD Bookstore Availability
  • Online Distribution through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Other Book Retailers
  • ISBN Assignment

Investment: $3000

Payment plans available

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If you've completed your entire book and are ready to publish.


You've published your book. Now what?

Marketing Your Masterpiece

What you get:

Now that your book has been published, what’s next? We provide assistance in helping you accomplish your virtual book launch, discuss radio advertising and provide marketing ideas.  All assistance in this step is priced a la carte. Please contact us for pricing.

Investment: A la carte

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