The Coaching Gurus (Paperback)



One of the top self-help books on the market! Written by 27 top international coaches including Janet Christensen, Linda Rose Mongell, Bobbie Crudup-Qualls, Cath Daley, Andrea Foy, Lynn Anderson, Dr. Angela Clack, Jack Broderick, Dr. Donna Marie Thompson, Pamina Mullins, Babette Bonsoussan, Becky Paroz, Dr. Tracy Johnson, Anna Coleshaw-Echols, Tania Carmona, Mary Lou von Wyl, Dr. Katrina Everhart, Dr. Lillie Madison Jones, Sharon McWilliams, Myralyn Miller, Kim Evans, Mala Shah, Elaine Bailey, Michelle Richardson, Andrea Ortiz, Dr. Andrea Lee, and Shirley Williams. These highly experienced coaches have provided chapters on their specific area of expertise including life, career, stress, transition, empowerment, and self-esteem for women! Chapter topics include: fearless, flawed and fabulous, elder-care and communication, be your BEST self, dream to destiny, personal safety for women, removing emotional roadblocks, creating peak performance: stress management, overcoming self-sabotage, the power of your mind, the great balancing act of life, and more! A must-read and a book for every woman’s personal library! This is the FIRST of the PWN Coach-in-a-Book Series.

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