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We have a guide called "Before You Publish Your Book" that gives you our requirements for working with AGD Publishing. We ask that you download this guide prior to contacting us, so you’ll know in advance what to expect in each phase of your experience with us.


Welcome to the official site of Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author Allison G. Daniels. Allison is the CEO and Founder of AGD Publishing. AGD Publishing is a faith-based Publishing Company that specializes in self-help books with a positive and inspirational message. We offer full range services from start to finish; you are not left alone in the maze of getting your book or story published. We are committed to turning writers into successful authors.

If you are ready to publish your book today, there’s no need to wait any longer. You have the opportunity to make a difference towards your destiny and leave a Legacy!!!

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Allison completely pours out the clear message that God is wanting His people to hear. The impact that this book has had on me is empowering and fosters change and growth in one's self.

Mrs. Syreeta Moody

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